Enrico Soldati - PhD Candidate - 2018 Class

Multi-scale exploration of bone resistance
ED 353 - Sciences pour l’Ingénieur : Mécanique, Physique, Micro et Nanoélectronique

Thesis Project Description: 

We will characterize bone quality in vivo on the basis of a comparative analysis between indices of bone microarchitecture obtained using UHF MRI, μ-CT and bone resistance.
the porous bone network is multi-scale from millimiter to nanometer. the objective is to define a relevant clinical protocol for morphometric characterization of the structure corresponding to bone quality. Useful parameters will have to be defined. A very important work will be developed to interpret the MRI data provided.

The idea is to obtain reference values for the morphometric properties of the osteoporotic bone and then establish the link between the mechanical behaviour and the organization of the multi-scale structure of the bone to finally establish a correlation between bone quality and imaging used in clinical routine.

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Academic Background: 

University of Bologna (IT)

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