What is DOC2AMU?

An innovative doctoral programme

DOC2AMU is an innovative doctoral programme with the aim of financing 30 3-year doctoral contracts from 2016 to 2021 at Aix-Marseille Université (AMU) in Marseille, France. These positions will be offered in three calls: 2016, 2017 and 2018. The programme is uniquely characterized by principles of interdisciplinarity, intersectoriality, and international exposure (« 3I »).

Guided by personalised and innovative training, a Personal Career Development plan, and an intersectoral mentorship component, DOC2AMU provides a complete training programme to ensure the best career perspectives for its doctoral researchers.

The programme aims are:

  • Attracting young, talented international fellows in Aix-Marseille to follow a high standard interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme;
  • Enhancing the fellows' skills, including transferrable ones, to maximise their professional integration (either in academic or non-academic sectors);
  • Reinforcing AMU’s scientific Excellence on the selected interdisciplinary research topics, namely ‘Imaging’; ‘Nano-Health’; ‘Big data’; ‘Network’; ‘Climate change’ and ‘Globalization’;
  • Upgrading AMU’s Doctorate curriculum, with the aim of generalizing the innovative Doctorate Principles advocated by the European Commission and set up in DOC2AMU as a pilot project for all Doctoral training in AMU;
  • Reinforcing AMU's capacities to host talented international researchers in high standard working and employment conditions;
  • Developing new synergies and new public/private partnerships in the regional territory;
  • Strengthening the innovative and international aspects of the existing Regional Doctoral programme by systematically implementing “3I” Doctorates;
  • Promoting research projects focusing on the regional RIS3 strategies to create a regional leverage effects in terms of knowledge and innovation, multiplying the collaborations between AMU academic partners and the regional clusters on the long term.

15 partners supporting the programme

DOC2AMU is carried by the Doctoral College for AMU; it relies on a partnership between 15 organisations (PACA Regional Council + A*MIDEX Foundation + 9 regional competitiveness clusters + SATT + IMéRA + CROUS + Protisvalor Méditerranée).
It is a H2020 COFUND MSCA project financed by the European Commission under Grant Agreement 713750 and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council, with a financial support from A*MIDEX Foundation.