Arash FORODIGHASEMABADI - PhD Candidate - 2018 Class

SCRUM: Spinal cord and Cerebral tissue alterations encountered in Rugby – Use of Magnetic resonance imaging, Mobility, bioMechanical simulations and external Markers to characterize the Microtraumatisms
ED 62 Sciences de la vie et de la santé

Thesis Project Description: 

My PhD project is about characterizing the spinal cord and brain microtrauma encountered during the practice of Rugby. This project is defined within the iLab-Spine International Associated Laboratory (LIA), which is a contribution between CRMBM-CEMEREM, LBA and four Canadian institutions.

For the project, I will use new multimodal MRI techniques as well as biomechanical models and external biomarkers to investigate the short and long-term effects of the microtrauma on the central nervous system of the players. This project will be carried out in collaboration with the French Rugby Federation, the National League and the associated regional amateur and professional rugby clubs.

Thesis Supervisors: 

Morgane EVIN

Interdisciplinary Research Axis: 


Academic Background: 

Amirkabir University of Technology (IR)

Non-academic partner: