Assessing and Anticipating the Risks Associated with Nanoparticulate UV Filters Used in Sunscreens: A Life Cycle-Oriented Study.


  • Catalano Riccardo


  • Lifecycle risk assessment
  • Nanotechnology
  • Eco-design

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Sunscreens are increasingly questioning their potential environmental impact, because. the specific ingredients they contain, such as UV filters, surfactants, thickeners, can reach rivers, lakes, sea shore, and/or sewage treatment plants when the product is removed from the skin during bathing or daily cleansing. Nanomaterials (NMs) used in sunscreen formulation as UV filters may impact these systems. Knowledge gaps remain regarding the safety of these NMs, as few studies have been conducted on actual UV filters or on the life cycle of sunscreens to date. This thesis work aimed to contribute to filling these gaps by focusing on several key stages of the sunscreen life cycle: the characterization of nano-TiO2 UV filters and the optimization of their concentration in the product, the exposure and marine ecotoxicity to these mineral UV filters; with the aim of proposing some new strategies to anticipate and minimize these risks through an eco-design approach.

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