Host-Guest Compounds Oligomeric Cucurbituril Complexes: from Peculiar Assemblies to Emerging Applications


  • Yang Xue
  • Wang Ruibing
  • Kermagoret Anthony
  • Bardelang David


  • Cucurbituril
  • Host–guest
  • Nn complexes
  • Oligomers
  • Supramolecular chemistry

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Proteins are an endless source of inspiration. By carefully tuning the amino-acid sequence of proteins, nature made them evolve from primary to quaternary structures, a property specific to protein oligomers and often crucial to accomplish their function. On the other hand, the synthetic macrocycles cucurbiturils (CBs) have shown outstanding recognition properties in water, and a growing number of (host)n:(guest)n supramolecular polymers involving CBs have been reported. However, the burgeoning field of discrete (n:n) host:guest oligomers has just started to attract attention. While 2:2 complexes are the major oligomers, 3:3 and up to 6:6 oligomers have been described, some associated with emerging applications, specific to the (n:n) arrangements. Design rules to target (n:n) host:guest oligomers are proposed toward new advanced host:guest systems.

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